About Jon:

Jon Matthews is an insightful stand up comedian who has been described as 'extravagantly bearded and nicely silly' (Bath Echo) with 'punchlines you can feel smart for getting' (Chortle). Full of irony, surrealism, self deprecation and political comment with a dry crowd pleasing delivery, his performances have created much mirth wherever he has travelled.

Jon is also the host of the 'Gone Mad' podcast, which explores changing standards in television comedy.

Jon began performing comedy sporadically at open-mic nights across the New Forest and South Devon but only began to pursue comedy seriously after life and love took him on a series of adventures culminating in a move to Beijing.

Jon returned to the UK in 2017 after three years of living and performing stand up comedy in China, where he became a firm favourite of the ex-pat comedy scene and was filmed for a Canadian documentary about stand-up around the world. Jon also ran gigs for Comedy Club China, performed alongside Joe Wong and supported touring American acts. During this time he was reviewed by China Business News who claimed that 'even the depressed middle aged men in polo shirts were amused' which is apparently high praise in Mandarin.


Since his return Jon has built a reputation as an erudite and cutting comedian as well as a 'top compere - so good he don't need the h' (Simon Munnery). Jon was one third of the 'Utopia: Under Construction' show which performed at Brighton Fringe Festival in 2019 and received a 5 star review from Remote Goat.

Jon is the co-organiser and occasional MC of The People's Comedy, a regular socio-political comedy night in Bristol which showcases grassroots satirical comedy from across the country.

After 3 years in Bristol, Jon is now based in Derby where he is beginning to return to gigging after a lengthy break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jon also enjoys eating cake, playing cricket and drinking cider as well as growing vegetables (see below).

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