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A Clash of Genres

There are two TV series that I consider to be genuine guilty pleasures of mine.

Both are full of betrayal, conspiracy, murder and British accents. Both are adapted from popular series novels. The first is HBO's globally renowned high-budget Game of Thrones and the second is ITV's critically acclaimed Agatha Christe's Poirot.

The excitement of both of these shows is enhanced, for me, by discovering connections between the two. I am repeatedly finding myself recognising actors in Poirot (currently I am in the midst of a major re-watch) from their appearances in Game of Thrones. Some have been obvious, some have seen me racking my brains as to the familiarity and some have forced me to take to and Wikipedia in order to uncover the truth. I have, as such, decided to compose a list of my discoveries here.

James Faulkner

Randyll Tarly and Major Eustace (Murder in the Mews)

Brilliant as Randyll Tarly (though not what I was expecting from the book) but largely forgettable as the scheming Major Eustace in this early ACP episode.

Patrick Malahide

Balon Greyjoy and Depleach (Five Little Pigs)

Encapsulated the Lord of the Iron Islands with his excellence performance and made a brief cameo in one of my favourite ACP episodes as a barrister. Five Little Pigs also featured a young Petyr Baelish (see below).

Tom Brooke

Lothar Frey and Tysoe (The Big Four)

Lame Lothar Frey, one half of a bizzare but fun double act from the books, makes several small appearances throughout GOT and is absolutely brilliant as the investigative journalist in The Big Four, his loud mouth style and clumsy methods making a fun contrast with Poirot.

Joseph Mawle

Benjen Stark and Antonio Foscarelli (Murder on the Orient Express)

The mysterious Uncle Benjen was played perfectly by Mawle and he did a fantastic job of affecting an Italian-American accent in the most famous Poirot case, though his role was dramatically reduced from that in the book.

David Rintoul

Aerys Targaryen and John Cavendish (The Mysterious Affair at Styles)

Whilst he only appeared for a few seconds as the Mad King, he put in a memorable performance as Captain Hastings' old friend.

Mark Gatiss

Tycho Nestoris and Leonard Boynton (Appointment with Death)

The writer and producer played the quirky Bravossi banker brilliantly and was rather splendid as the Hen-pecked son in one of the most baffling Poirot mysteries.

Alexander Siddig

Doran Martell and Shaitana (Cards on the Table)

Though the situation in Dorne was harshly treated by the series, Siddig played the stoic, gout-ridden Prince of Dorne with such style that it is disappointing we did not get to see more of him. In Cards on the Table, one of the stranger ACP episodes, he puts in another brilliant performance as the enigmatic and creepy Shaitana.

Paola Dionisotti

Lady Waynwood and Mrs Goodbody (Halloween Party)

Local gossip-monger and part time witch Mrs. Goodbody is essential to Poirot's solving of the case in this episode, though she does throw one or two red herrings in the pot too. The character is in complete contrast to the elegant, graceful and firm Lady Waynwood.

Dan Hildebrand

Kraznys mo Nakloz and Chauffeur (The Incredible Theft)

A brief cameo in one of the more fantastic ACP episodes versus speaking Valyrian throughout his memorable GoT appearance.

David Verrey

1st High Septon and Chef (The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman)

Both are minor roles and sadly leave little more impression than how good a job this actor does of being disemboweled.

Iain Glenn

Jorah Mormont and Doctor Willoughby (Elephants Can Remember)

Absolutely fantastic throughout GoT and phenomenal as the philandering psychologist in ACP. This man truly is a fine actor! I remain totally able to watch Elephants Can Remember without expecting him to say Khaleesi even once.

Donald Sumpter

Maester Luwin and Cust (The ABC Murders)

Another truly exemplary performance, Sumpter is incredible as Cust in this Poirot episode as well as being hugely lovable as Maester Luwin.

Tom Wlaschiha

Jaquen H'gar and Schwartz (The Labours of Hercules)

Despite the huge differences in appearance my partner spotted this one instantly.

Aidan Gillen

Petyr Baelish and Amarys Cray (Five Little Pigs)

This one took no guess work whatsoever, a major character in both, though not quite such a dramatic voice in ACP.

Anton Lesser

Qyburn and Inspector Kelsey (Cat Among the Pigeons)

Another odd ACP episode, Lesser plays the intelligent, methodical inspector Kelsey in a tidy manner and is truly meme-worthy as Qyburn in GoT. It is surprising he has not played greater roles (forgive the pun).

Alexandra Dowling

Rosilin Frey and Marie (Elephants Can Remember)

I'm not sure how many times we've actually seen Rosilin Frey, I don't think it's many, but as Marie in Elephants Can Remember (alongside Jorah Mormont) she does a decent job.

Simon Lowe

Wine Merchant and Dr. Quentin (The Big Four)

Dr Quentin is a great character well portrayed and had me racking my brains trying to place him in the GoT universe, we got there in the end now. Perhaps the only Poirot character I've seen naked.

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