• Jon Matthews

The 15B Diaries - Part 2: All Hands on Deck

Work on our new allotment has begun in earnest with the weeds cut down and the entirety of the allotment covered with plastic sheeting and recycled cardboard. The plastic sheeting we purchased at a garden centre and the recycled cardboard we foraged out of local recycling bins. We didn't use plastic on the whole plot as, once growing has begun, there will always be a strip uncovered and in use so we considered it a waste to buy the full amount.

It took several visits before we had adequately weighed everything down enough so the wind could not blow the sheeting aside and meant that we had to collect a lot of bricks and lumps of wood from junk piles and bushes. We were also able to acquire a garden table, a compost bin and an old wheelie bin (for storing tools) from the 'giving away pile' as well as some wooden pallets from a fly tip (at no small effort). The pallets have become a rustic deck (soon to be painted) and protected by a weed-proof sheet underneath.

Liz worked hard to waterproof the pallets and paint the table. Some chairs and a few other bits and pieces were gifted from a neighbouring plot whose owners are giving it up and we now have a very functional and comfortable place to watch our produce grow. There is still some maintenance and painting and a few other creative ideas to undertake while the weeds beneath the cardboard are killed off. Once that is complete, with the help of a little soil enrichment we can begin the exciting task of planting.

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