• Jon Matthews

The 15B Diaries - Part 3: Decor and Digging

While I was away Liz spent a weekend working hard on the more aesthetic aspects of the allotment, beautifying it and helping it to become a lovely place to spend time. An extra pallet was buried and painted to serve a dual purpose of concealing the unsightly wheelie bin tool store and as a home for flowering plants which will help to attract bees and other pollinators.

Liz also painted our wooden-pallet deck and planted out some lavender and an azalea into large pots to further help attract insects, as well as making the decking area more attractive. A few nice touches were added by some garden ornaments and all of a sudden our decking area is looking splendid - thanks to Liz's hard work.

Liz also built an ingenious shelf to go under our table using an unwanted crate from the Chinese market. This gives us a little bit more storage space and I'm sure will be very useful. I feel like I should go away more often if this is the sort of progress that is made!

Other than the inconvenience of delaying our plans the bad weather has not disrupted things too much. We were very lucky in that there was no damage to any allotments on the site. I was hoping to have started planting but the cold spell would have caused problems for any young plants, instead we waiting and now that it is beginning to warm up we are almost ready.

We uncovered our first planting area (Section A), which had been covered in cardboard. The weed growth was not suppressed as well as hoped and a fair amount of digging over and weeding was required (and a little bit more will probably still be needed). After a few hours hard labour, however, the situation was much improved and we are not far off read to sow our first seeds.

Piece by piece things are coming together and I'm sure that before very long the place will be looking even better with the first shoots beginning to poke through. I am proud of what we have achieved already and plot 15B is fast becoming one of my favourite places to spend time. Although we could do with a couple of chairs...

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