• Jon Matthews

March and April

Throughout 2018 I have decided to give myself a series of monthly challenges, rather than a single new years resolution. Firstly I completed Dry January and then I failed Clean Joke February. March, it was decided, would be dedicated to positivity. Every day I would write something positive that happened down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar for review at the end of the month.

Some days this was easy and some days this was hard. However, I quickly realised that this depended more on my mood at the moment I set to the task, rather than anything that happened during the day. So, instead of writing the note in the evening, I began writing them in the morning about the previous day. I found this got my days off to a really pleasant start and helped me to feel more positive all round. Life can be hard sometimes but there always seemed to be something positive to find. I know this is a lot harder for some people than for others.

April, however, is proving a different kind of challenge. The month has been dedicated to giving up video-games. Why, oh why, did I agree to this?!?

The theory is that giving up video-games would give me one less distraction from my studies. As true as this is, I'm not sure how much of a distraction video-games are to me. Generally they tend to be a last resort solution to temporary boredom, rather than something that stops me from working – though there are always exceptions.

I tend to believe that if someone is in the mood to be distracted from what they need to do, then they will find something to distract them. Some people will happily wash up to distract themselves from doing the laundry or do the laundry to distract themselves from updating their accounts. Video-games might make this process easier but their absence does not create a distraction free environment.

So far, 18 days, 17 hours and thirty five minutes in, I've not had much difficulty in keeping to this challenge, other than a few spells of boredom. I uninstalled all my games and they time it takes to reinstall them is too long for me to be able to have an easy relapse. It would seem like this is a challenge I will be able to complete with ease – though the risk is always there.

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